Effective Altruism

Spreading the word of effective altruism one truth at a time

The Problem

Many people from around the world suffer today from disease and poverty. Although people in the United States donate on average 2.6% of their annual income to charity, this not enough to alleviate suffering in the world. We need your help.

Our Mission

Effective Altruism is an ethical theory that advocates giving the most money possible to charity while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. The Mission of AllTru is to spread the word of Effective Altruism to the masses through social media and online advertising. We believe we can significantly increase the amount of money donated to charity per year by convincing thousands of people to pledge 1% more of their income to save the lives of those in need.

Our Plan

To fulfill this objective, AllTru will engage in online marketing and a social media campaign. This requires a team consisting of a communications director, a website developer, a social media outreach and customer service employee, an online marketing specialist and an influence outreach manager. In addition, AllTru requires funding for the marketing campaign.

If we look at statistics from GoogleAdWords, New York Times Analytics, and ContentFAC, we can take a general statistic of $1 per click on Google AdSpace and an average CTR of 15%, putting in $5,000 dollars of Google AdSpace and assuming a minimum wage and minimum donation percentage of each individual who donates, the result would still be $112,000 of donations: ten times greater than the grant money input.

How To Help


How do we measure success?

We are currently can measure mentions of our hashtag, visits to our website, as well as clicks on our donation calculator.

How can I help?

To help those in need, simply pledge as much as one percent more of your annual income to charity. Our donation calculator can help you decide how much to donate and what to donate to.

Will my money be used well?

Yes. The organizations suggested by our donation are on the top ten list of charities recommended by Your money will really go to those in need.

Can I really make a difference?

Every little bit counts. Just a small donation could mean thousands of suffering lives saved.

Where can I learn more about Effective Altruism?

Peter Singer is one of Effective Altruism's main advocates. He gives talks about what it means to be an Effective Altruist, why it's worth it, and how you can get involved.

What does one percent really do?

One percent may not seem like much, but it can make a huge different. Use our donation calculator to see how one percent of your annual income could help various charities support those in need.